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Gonstead Technique in South Hills of Pittsburgh

Renowned for its precision, the Gonstead Method encompasses both full spine adjustments and extremity work. At Origins Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Tarnowski specializes in this unique chiropractic technique. With his knowledge and skill, he is able to provide patients with personalized and thorough chiropractic care.

Learn more about the Gonstead Method and how it might help you heal and get well.

Diagnostic Precision

Central to the Gonstead Method is a comprehensive analysis, beginning with full spine X-rays to assess the alignment and interaction of every vertebra. Additionally, our practice utilizes a thermal diagnostic tool that identifies areas of inflammation surrounding the spine. This meticulous evaluation allows us to pinpoint specific areas requiring attention and facilitates targeted adjustments for optimal outcomes.

Visual and Palpation Assessment

Our assessment extends beyond diagnostic tools to include visual inspection of the skin, observation of muscle tone, and analysis of gait patterns. Through static palpation along the spine, we detect subtle cues such as changes in skin temperature, aiding in the identification of areas requiring adjustment. This multi-faceted approach ensures that each chiropractic adjustment is tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

A Strong Foundation

A key focus of the Gonstead Method is stabilizing the pelvis and lower back to establish a solid foundation for proper spinal alignment. Dr. Tarnowski works to address underlying issues in these areas to promote optimal biomechanics and alignment throughout the spine—ultimately facilitating improved function and alleviating nerve pressure.

Holistic Healing

Patients who undergo the Gonstead Method of chiropractic care often experience various benefits beyond pain relief. By addressing mechanical imbalance, we support holistic healing and enhanced physical performance. Furthermore, our approach targets underlying causes of pain, offering relief to individuals who may have struggled with unresolved discomfort for extended periods of time.

Empowering With Knowledge

It is important to us to provide insight into the Gonstead Method and the rationale behind our approaches to care to empower our patient community. Take an active role in your health with our help.

Live Well, Starting Today

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