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Vertigo Care in South Hills of Pittsburgh

person who is dizzy sitting downVertigo, characterized by a sensation of dizziness or spinning, affects the lives of many individuals. Origins Chiropractic and Wellness specializes in providing natural solutions for vertigo, focusing on upper cervical adjusting. Approximately 80% of vertigo patients experience significant improvement through this approach alone.

By addressing misalignments in the upper cervical spine, we alleviate pressure on the affected nerves—often leading to reduced symptoms and improved overall well-being. Let us help you get back to the life you desire through specific chiropractic care.

Understanding Inner Ear Mechanics

Vertigo often arises from disturbances within the inner ear. The most common causes of vertigo are cervical misalignment (which is addressed by our specific adjustments) causing improper nerve signaling, underlying infection and dislodged crystals within the canals of the ear. When the case involves dislodged crystals, there is more we can do including targeted canal repositioning maneuvers. Our approach involves restoring proper alignment and function to prevent further disruption and promote long-term stability.

Our Specialized Approach

While 80% of patients experience relief through upper cervical adjustments, the remaining 20% require additional therapies.

Unlike traditional approaches to vertigo, such as the Epley Maneuver, which targets only one of the ear’s three canals, our specialized approach involves diagnosing the affected canals before administering target flushing techniques. Our chiropractors also provide patients with detailed aftercare instructions and at-home exercises to facilitate symptom management between visits.

Our Successes

Every patient’s journey with vertigo is unique, but our commitment to providing quality care remains unwavering. Our practice has witnessed remarkable success stories, including a patient who suffered from a spinning sensation for years following a cruise and was unable to ride elevators or escalators.
Through a series of chiropractic adjustments and supplemental therapies, her symptoms vanished and enabled her to regain her quality of life. Her testimonial underscores our belief that individuals should not have to endure the debilitating effects of vertigo when natural solutions are readily available.

Schedule a Visit

Are you suffering from vertigo? Our practice is here to help. Our mission is to empower individuals to reclaim control over their lives and embrace a future free from dizziness and imbalance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Schedule a visit today!


Vertigo Care Bridgeville, South Hills, Pittsburgh PA | (412) 998-9966

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